Socionics SLE Description

SLE Type Description

Marshal (SLE) - SeT

Grasp, action, maneuvers, instincts

Sensory-Logical Extravert (Irrational, Static)

Activity orientation: Manager (Logic + Sensory)

Temperament: Flexible-Maneuverable (Need variable activity at work)

Motivation: High status, material goods.

Stimulus: Influence and control over people. They like to dress expensively and look respectable.


Power pressure.


Ability to see benefits.



Overcoming obstacles.



Can be aggressive; it's important to maintain balance in relationships.

Difficult to expect consistency in actions.

Do not work for 'the idea'.

Unable to predict situations.

Do not expect softness, compliance, or non-aggressiveness.

General Description

A decisive person who knows exactly what they want and clearly sees their (real) goal. Quick-thinking and able to grasp the essence of problems when they are important and interesting or if the situation demands it. Possessing a unique type of organizational ability, this individual influences others, making them dependent. By offering services and help in difficult situations, this person then says, "Now you help me, I helped you," building a network (clan). Flexible and adept at switching between different tasks, this tactician finds dozens of ways to achieve goals when necessary. Persistence increases with the number of obstacles that need to be overcome. In extreme situations, strength can double or triple, becoming particularly energetic. Without extreme situations, nothing is done, thriving on escalations, battles, and competitions. Handling sudden loads well, all strength is focused at crucial moments, looking for weaknesses, striking at vulnerable points, and feeling very confident in negotiations. Maneuvering well and bargaining effectively, playing on weaknesses and instincts. Poor at predicting the future and hesitating when the situation is unclear, falling into doubt and bad moods without the thrill of the fight, struggling to understand where things are going, what it is for, and what awaits. This state is difficult for such an individual. If breakthrough and organizational abilities are not put to good use (a real tragedy), energy may be directed negatively, such as into crime. Prone to periodic outbursts of accumulated anger, unable to contain it, and best not to be around in such moments (no moral restraints then). This spoils relationships with others. Impatient with subordinates who contradict, dislike this very much and get rid of such people at the first opportunity. In extreme situations, acting mercilessly, leaving no room for pity or sympathy, not thinking about ethical issues. However, possessing a sense of fairness. If someone attacks a weak person, this individual will defend them, showing magnanimity and not finishing off the weak. Thriving in a highly competitive business environment, excelling.

As a leader

The main character trait is the ability to overcome difficulties and life's obstacles. These individuals purposefully fight those who impede their goals, driven by a need for influence and control over desires and actions. Sociable and easy-going, they enjoy company, making many acquaintances and friendly connections, often using these connections to resolve business issues. As leaders, a combative nature is exhibited, displaying confidence, strong will, and persuasiveness. Unafraid of risks and difficulties, boldness in business activities is a hallmark, along with adeptness at organizing people, especially in urgent situations, earning the title of crisis managers. With natural savvy and a quick assessment of weak points, processes are efficiently reorganized and the unnecessary eliminated, showing no leniency towards people. Commanding in communication style, authoritarianism increases with higher positions, while at lower positions, more flexibility and adaptability are demonstrated. Relationships are formed based on benefits and material prospects, always seeking more advantageous offers. Agreements are changed according to personal perspective, and hierarchy is considered when forming a circle. People are categorized into different distances: a) Confrontation: Enemies and ill-wishers, providing the main resource and energy to overcome obstacles. b) Indifference: The gray mass, to whom indifference is shown. c) Contacts: Prospective individuals, with whom flexible behavior, respect, or value is shown, and plans to join their circle are made. d) Close circle: Trusted individuals, tested and challenged over time, sharing loyalty and responsibility. At work, assignments are skillfully made according to abilities and skills to achieve goals, prioritizing results. Willpower and weaknesses are accurately assessed to select team members who accept the leader's influence. Respect is given to those who defend their rights, while constant complainers face merciless treatment. Shadowy management methods are often used, and in tough situations, the role of coordinator is taken on. Appearance is crucial, with judgments often based on clothing, communication, body control, and movements. Those who lack willpower are critically assessed and seen as weak, often provoking actions to test capabilities. Idle chatter irritates, prompting harsh grounding of opponents. Situations are observed calmly but with a concentrated, expressive look, oriented towards success in business and valuing results the most. With natural skills, stubbornness, purposefulness, and forceful push, tension and competition are created at work, making it difficult to maintain stability and even relationships with employees. Typically, such leaders are either respected or feared, oriented towards victory at any cost, without considering ethical norms and full responsibility towards others. Competitive behavior prevails, with a tendency to twist conflicts to personal advantage, finding scapegoats and shifting responsibility. At extremes, leadership may extend to criminal groups, driven by life success, career, and egoism, aiming for increased profits and financial gain at any cost.

As an employee

Stand out as willful, mobilized, and energetic. Quick reaction and resilience in critical situations, highly stress-resistant. Overcome difficulties and do not give up. Quickly adapt to changes, very constructive in emergency situations where it is necessary to mobilize one's efforts and physical resources. Quick reaction and physical endurance, behave like a flexible tactician. Make quick, drastic decisions, especially in complex situations. During periods of high energy, develop strong work capacity. Have a critical mind, discard everything impractical, choose the most realistic option. Actively defend the interests of their group. At work, they strive for material well-being and advantageous prospects in their activities. A pragmatist, they will not work for an idea alone. Set large and ambitious goals. Interested in forward-looking projects. But need freedom of action at work. Engage they organizational skills by giving some freedom, initially outline the scope of their actions. This greatly stimulates them to work. For them, competition is normal and can manifest even in details. Find it difficult to submit, so clashes at work may occur. Become tense when absurd rules are imposed. The stimulus is the achievement of official heights and material assets. If not satisfied at work, they begin to look for a more advantageous activity. Therefore, before offering a new better job, raise the salary! Mood fluctuates from activity to downturns. Can be gloomy, needs to be switched to other emotions and cheered up. Respond well to people who are light-hearted and can switch to positive emotions, promising a positive future. The reason may be confidence in tomorrow and doubts about what next step to take and in which direction to move, so if you can cheer them up, it will strengthen your relationship. Suspicious of new people, use questions to discreetly gather information about their status and opportunities. Do not talk about themselves, secretive. Use others' opportunities for their own goals. Disregard the interests of others. If they dislike someone, they create unpleasant conditions at work. Eliminates competitors by any means necessary.


SLE manage people well, delegate duties. Can work on and implement organizational structures. If necessary, can maintain strict boundaries. Performs well in critical situations. Understands business opportunities. Work with hands, can perform heavy physical work. Optimal employment would be in management, sports, firefighting, technical jobs, police, and other law enforcement agencies.