Socionics IEI Description

IEI Type Description

Lyricist (IEI) - NiF

Lightness, reconciliation, faith in the future, disorganization

Intuitive-Ethical Introvert (Irrational, Dynamic)

Activity orientation: Humanitarian (Intuition + Ethics)

Temperament: Favorably adaptive (Need a moderate and flexible work schedule)

Motivation: Interesting work, self-development.

Stimulus: Vision of good future prospects.




Individual approach to people.


Optimism, faith in the future.


Consistent work capacity.

Organizational skills.

Quick task completion.

Realistic situation analysis.

Ability to manage and delegate large groups.


Best suited for creative or humanitarian roles. Excelling in positions where moderate interaction and conflict resolution are required, making great assistants or secretaries for significant leaders. Suitable as strategists, advisors, artists, photographers, librarians, writers, editors, linguists, designers, decorators, art therapists, narrative therapists, astrologers, theater critics, poets. Ideal in arts, poetry, book writing, painting, and self-development fields.

As a leader

The interaction style with employees is respectful, well-mannered, and tactful. Establishes an emotional connection with employees. Responsive to understanding people's problems and feelings, subtly sensing their moods. Capable of listening and offering verbal support. Instills optimism and self-belief. Excels at providing encouragement in difficult situations. A good strategist with a clear vision of how situations evolve, usually having multiple scenarios, one of which often works out very well. Understands the prospects of employee relationships and skillfully sets a positive tone for the team. Inherently aims to inspire the realization of ideas and can undertake large-scale projects, believing in a bright future. Possesses an excellent ability to inspire others, thus attracting those who resonate with a visionary outlook. Maintains a global vision of future prospects, always with a focus on 'open prospects for the future and self-development.' By nature, an idealist and motivator, more comfortable in an already established system than in creating a new one. Prone to partnering up or forming a team of interested and capable individuals. Tends to avoid making decisions alone, sharing responsibility through a subtle, almost imperceptible method. Not a leader who favors direct or hierarchical control; feels better in organized collective activity. Finds it difficult to make decisions alone. Focuses on strategic vision and event development, remembering experiences well and trying to avoid potential mistakes. Can be under stress to foresee possible dangerous outcomes. Prefers covert forms of control. Ethical relationships depend on personal likes or dislikes and the degree of threat to status. In negative situations or with those disliked, may alter the 'rules of the ethical game' to their perception. Motive can be selfish. Holds grudges long if offended or humiliated, and does not forgive easily. Retaliates over time, holding grudges and avoiding contact. Finds manipulative techniques to hurt opponents, often acting 'behind the back' rather than directly. Applies morality according to a personal vision, finding justifications, and adopting a 'victim' role in circumstances. In conflict situations, compromises, considering the time frame and the possibility of compensation later. Capable of changing viewpoints and sides, depending on the advantage. In a dispute between two partners, finds it difficult to choose sides until the stronger one is clear. Positions are changeable until finding a partner who is respected and provides strong, reliable support. In competition, often fails to recognize the advantage of the other side if not oriented in the situation, being more focused on positive outcomes. May overlook the real power potential of competitors.

As an employee

This person is soft-spoken, tactful, and delicate, with a well-developed sense of discretion and timeliness. Possessing a fine sensitivity to the world and a good understanding of people, enhanced by a sense of humor, they are attentive to others and responsive to those in difficulty. Capable of instilling faith during challenging times and offering encouragement, this individual strives to maintain equal and amicable relations with everyone. Willing to compromise and adopt a flexible stance, they value hierarchy in the workplace and can be quite diplomatic when necessary. Utilizing humor and ethical interactions effectively, they manage to present themselves in an appealing way. Working with people's emotional states, this person knows how to lift moods and use humor to enhance the overall emotional atmosphere at work. Emotions are viewed as a tool to manage others' moods. Respecting strong and authoritative individuals, they excel at solving strategic tasks. However, their work pace is variable, making it challenging to maintain a fast rhythm and manage a large volume of tasks. Clearly defined, non-urgent tasks are essential, as a measured work pace suits them better. Overloading this person demotivates rather than enhances productivity. Enjoyment and inspiration from work are crucial; when present, they can work with great dedication, even for future-oriented projects, ready to invest efforts and sacrifice material benefits for prospective development. Due to their intuitiveness, they can be naive, imprudent, and impractical. Thus, having realistic and clear guidance is beneficial. Strong support and practical help are greatly valued, and with such leaders, this individual becomes very motivated and focused, appreciating stability and reliability. In such environments, they become loyal employees for the long term. Their work activity is characterized by instability, which should not be emphasized. Good motivation includes positive relations and understanding. During peak periods, they complete necessary work and wrap up affairs (perhaps not all). It is important that their leader is a reliable person.

General Description

A romantic dreamer, always thinking about the future and imagining scenarios more pleasant than the present reality. Curious and drawn to everything new, unusual, and beautiful. Senses the right moment to approach someone. A peacemaker, capable of transforming conflicts into jokes and presenting them as misunderstandings that can be playfully resolved, redirecting aggression. With a lyrical nature, prevents the group from falling into opposing factions and calms tensions, knowing how to smooth over relationships. With a smile, easy to talk to, never burdens or escalates problems, but rather softens them. Possesses a subtle sense of humor, capable of making people laugh, lifting spirits, and providing comfort. Pleasing to the eye with a harmonious appearance, impacts others through appearance, smile, voice intonation, and sense of timing. Without firm leadership, tends to be disorganized and unfocused, struggles to concentrate on work for long periods, and gets easily distracted. Does not adhere to discipline, often comes and goes, and starts thinking about something else. Mood and emotional nuances greatly affect behavior. Sometimes, not economical with money and may spend more than necessary on 'soulful' things to satisfy aesthetic needs. Prone to giving thoughtless promises, believes everything will end well. An optimist and positivist, not a weak creature, capable of surviving in harsh environments. Protected and valued as a peacemaker, stress-resistant despite a delicate emotional constitution. Possesses 'psychological weaponry' such as positive self-programming, with a firm belief that all will be well. And usually, things do turn out well.