Socionics ESE Description

ESE Type Description

Enthusiast (ESE) - FeS

Warmth, care, trustfulness, intrusiveness

Ethical-Sensory Extravert (Rational, Dynamic)

Activity orientation: Social (Sensory + Ethics)

Temperament: Linear-Assertive (Require an intensive and planned work regime)

Motivation: Good deeds.

Stimulus: Status. The work must be interesting and bring positive emotions, and have an emotional effect on others. The goal is to obtain material well-being.



Establishing connections and contacts.





Difficulty being unemotional and objective in judgments.

Flexible behavior and quick adaptation to changes.

Uncompromising in relationships.

Technological skills.

Punctuality and meeting deadlines.

General Description

Focused on people, apply emotional pressure. Demand something. Offer something. Tell stories. Involve others. Very emotional and sociable. Pay attention to people's moods. Want to lift these moods. Want to encourage and engage people. Talk a lot (about what happened to them or concern the problem that has arisen). Ensure everyone in the group is involved, that no one is suffering or sitting alone, not speaking up, involve people in collective action. Hospitable host. Family plays a big role for them, and they are very caring (even more so than a SEI). Very family-oriented. Having a family with children is a necessity. Love children, even others'. Get along well with them. Quickly creates comfort from what is available. Can quickly prepare a table even if not fully ready for a meeting, will definitely offer something. Very attentive to their own and others' well-being. If someone feels ill on the street, they are the first to approach and ask about their health. Excellent at organizing leisure (trips, gatherings). Do well with celebratory events (anniversaries, guests, birthdays). Very emotional and struggle to contain emotions. Many find them to be intrusive (they don't know how to get away from them). Deeply hurt when considered intrusive. It's a serious problem in the their life. They think, 'I tried so hard for this person, I did everything for them, organized everything, and he turns away from me. Oh, people are ungrateful'. This is psychologically traumatizing. Meanwhile, they can be uncompromising and firm with relatives and close ones. Impose their relationships. Not flexible (unlike an SEI). Impose their values on relationships, gender roles. Joyful and optimistic person. Ignore the negative aspects of life. This leads to problems - unexpected shocks, dramatic events. Can be greatly disturbed, sinking into themselves. Will suffer deeply. Trusting. Believe in people. Open up - shares more than necessary. Struggle with life's blows (up to anxiety attacks and pessimism). Fussy and scattered. Take on too much. Overload himself with tasks. Poorly distribute time. Cannot establish priorities and end up in a rush, often sacrificing quality. Do a lot for others. Capable of pushing 'first quadra values' for others.

As a leader

Interaction with others is based on emotional engagement. Prone to cooperative relationships that are mutually beneficial. Achieves success through personal energy and manipulation of emotional relationships. Emotional and vivid, leave a memorable impression as a positive and optimistic person. Have a sociable nature, easily connect with people, and have a broad network of personal and business acquaintances. Such a leader is good at uniting employees and motivating them towards common goals. Strive to create a friendly and positive atmosphere at the workplace. Celebrate organizational success and take failures to heart. Despite a persistent and straightforward character, they work hard for the cause. They make decisions quickly, can be impatient, and tend to rush. Because of their high energy, they can be strong competitors in business. However, they start to lag behind in tough races. Lacks long-term vision, which can lead to depressive states. Despite a friendly nature, demand that requests and instructions be followed, can show aggression. Take criticism personally, which can lead to conflicts. Respects significant people who have achieved something. Hold and suppress negative emotions until a nervous breakdown. Can be impulsive and anxious at work. Need time to cool down and calm down. In periods of emotional intensity, it's better to wait and then communicate calmly and patiently.

As an employee

Driven by a strong desire to be good for others and emotionally impact people, these individuals excel in the commercial sector where direct client interaction is essential. As good salespeople, product promoters, doctors, and advertisers, they are active, friendly, and energetic. Attentive to others, they easily make acquaintances, approach anyone, and sense emotional states to lift moods. Always busy, they avoid trivial matters and find it hard to stay in one place. Active work and communication suit them, providing additional energy. Open to new ideas and prospects, they quickly engage in practical applications if feasible. Working quickly, they prefer not to be watched. Physically enduring and decisive in extreme situations, they rely on themselves to achieve success. Financial and material well-being is a primary goal, purposefully moving towards stability and good pay. Ready to work for the future, they need management support and appraisal, which greatly boost motivation. Their strength lies in the commercial sector where direct client interaction is vital.


Best suited for roles that require interaction with people and establishing connections. Also good for organizing social infrastructure. Suitable sectors include trade, service industry, medicine, advertising, and event planning (leisure, holidays, meetings).