SLI Markers / Socionics

SLI Type Markers

1. Often prefers simple, 'quiet' technical jobs involving individual manual labor.2. 'Antidemonstrative' behavior—reserved, even-tempered, modest, avoids tense or emotional situations, and struggles with new social environments.3. Appears indifferent to many, displaying life indifference, egocentric non-interference, secrecy, and individualistic apathy.4. Characterized by restrained and leisurely movements; typically very smooth in motion.5. Laconic and terse in speech, often using short 'telegraphic style' phrases.6. Does not exaggerate emotions or escalate situations.7. Patient and unflappable by nature.8. Psychologically independent from groups, indifferent to others' opinions or his own status within the group, tending to disregard collective interests.9. Speaks slowly and unhurriedly.10. Not prone to agitated excitement; typically maintains a state of calm and tranquility.11. Often shows signs of alexithymia—difficulty understanding and expressing emotions.12. Avoids attention and exhibitionism, extremely modest.13. Lives in the present or past, generally indifferent to the future or progress.14. Statistically likely to have well-developed, effective motor inhibition.15. Non-ambitious, avoids taking initiative, and does not seek change.16. Calm, peaceful, and balanced, not suited for provocative or destabilizing roles.17. Not skilled in storytelling or persuasive speech.18. Prefers asking questions over answering them in conversation to avoid expressing personal opinions.19. Talks very little, low speech demand.20. Values harmony in immediate surroundings and personal relaxation.21. Avoids conflicts and harm, seeking a peaceful, enlightened state.22. Highly private and controlled in communication; not prone to disclosing personal information.23. Prefers listening over speaking in conversations.24. Not suited for roles that involve manipulating public opinion.25. Voice lacks sharp, 'barking' tones, even when excited.26. Exhibits strong external emotionlessness.27. Often interested in agriculture and plant cultivation.28. Lives by the principle 'all is vanity,' showing habitual laziness and lack of readiness for immediate action.29. Does not suspect deceit or manipulation in others unless directly confronted.30. Predominantly inhibited, easily stops any activity.31. Shows little or no emotional engagement; not easily swept up in emotional states.32. Sees himself as ordinary, uninterested in being the center of attention.33. Generally speaks in a soft, quiet tone.34. Enjoys slow, meticulous activities requiring calm and patience.35. Limited cognitive empathy; struggles to adapt or influence others.36. Shows low initiative.37. Muscles typically relaxed, with no residual tension; takes time to mobilize physically.38. Voice has very low intonational expressiveness.39. Conserves energy cautiously, sparing both physical and emotional resources.40. Disinclined to discuss personal relationships or social connections.41. Finds the presence of others often uncomfortable rather than enjoyable.42. Maintains a long social distance, slowly closes relationships, and respects personal boundaries.43. Prefers effective simplicity in all things.44. Economical in energy expenditure, avoids unnecessary movements and stress.45. Lacks heightened anger or anxiety, not prone to envy or shaming others.46. An individualist loner, disinterested in group activities, prefers solitary activities.47. Generally experiences a calm self-perception, fully in control of emotions.48. Indifferent to the future, lives in the moment.49. Ignores unpleasant or annoying aspects of his surroundings, rarely becomes upset or agitated.50. Dislikes public speaking; lacks confidence and vocal projection.51. Lives by 'minimum effort, maximum result.52. Uninterested in ostentatious displays of superiority.53. Dominated by inhibition over excitation, patient and deliberate in thoughts and actions.54. More lively and emotional with close people than in public or casual groups.55. Extremely balanced, maintains composure easily, and resists provocation.56. Shows no emotional outbursts even when faced with failure.57. Typically modest and sometimes shy.58. Likely has excellent spatial imagination and abilities related to visual and spatial processing.59. Very low emotional and facial expressiveness.60. May struggle with articulating thoughts, finding the right words, or speaking fluently.61. Better at maintaining rather than conquering, avoids risks and prefers self-isolation.62. Lacks leadership potential, tends to be inconspicuous in groups, and is slow to make decisions.63. Dislikes noisy gatherings like weddings or discos, avoiding them when possible.64. Not prone to experiencing nightmares.65. Finds it easier to influence one person's mood than a group's.66. Very difficult to annoy or provoke.67. Emotionality does not increase even during public speaking, distinguishing him from certain introverted types.68. Never works through significant fatigue; ensures work does not cause exhaustion.69. Less future-oriented than others, weak in planning and foresight, focuses on the present.70. Prefers the role of a passive observer, lacks vitality and ambition for proactive work or career advancement.71. Highly independent from group opinions or interests, rarely feels a sense of belonging.72. Low need for physical activity, often remaining motionless, prone to lethargy and apathy.73. Gesture is typically minimal and restrained.74. Exhibits pronounced emotional restraint; low outward emotionality, rational control over impulses.75. Quickly fatigued by noisy groups, becoming scattered.76. Sometimes emotionally unresponsive, with no desire for activity or communication.77. Not driven by work passion, avoids excessive enthusiasm.78. Reserved and unsmiling, rarely laughs openly.79. Unable to comfort others with words.80. Does not experience hypomanic states, does not perceive challenges as easily manageable.81. Prefers green over purple in non-clothing contexts.82. Quickly fatigued in situations requiring sudden mobilization, prone to inaction under stress.83. Often enjoys fishing as a leisure activity.84. Unable to and uninterested in scheming or manipulating others.85. Characteristically patient.86. Lacks qualities for administrative leadership.87. Incapable of insincere flattery, even when it might be socially or professionally advantageous.88. Indifferent to fashion, does not follow or show interest in trends.89. Does not 'play' with emotions; practically does not utilize them either practically or imaginatively.90. Values simple life pleasures; expresses affection through practical support and care.91. Believes everyone should live as they wish, without universal principles; situational ethics.92. Often struggles to comprehend fast speech.93. Passively drifts along in life, preferring to address problems only as they arise, often by delaying or ignoring them.94. Rarely looks at himself in the mirror.95. Lacks impulsiveness or passion in actions; focuses on maintaining rather than conquering.96. Unimpressionable, rarely stirred by events.97. Struggles to empathize with fictional characters or imagine being someone else.98. Lacks passion, uninterested in scandalous or confrontational situations.99. His character lacks a heroic or romantic disposition; tends toward conformity rather than challenging social norms.100. Restrained in evaluations, avoids exaggeration or absolutism.101. Approaches work from simple to complex, prefers to avoid unnecessary complexity.102. Proficient with complex household technology.103. Exhibits very high internal emotional stability, far from neuroticism or disturbing thoughts.104. Prefers moderation and gradual measures, avoids anything abrupt or extreme.105. Shy with the opposite sex, struggles with initiating contact.106. Prefers a modest style and wardrobe, indifferent to jewelry.107. Judges others by abilities, disregards titles or diplomas.108. Often misjudges others' intentions.109. Predominantly phlegmatic, difficult to provoke.110. Often appears sluggish, struggles to overcome lethargy.111. Perceives the world as stable and unchanging, filled with familiar objects and meanings, rarely experiences ecstatic emotions.112. Prone to anhedonia—struggles to experience joy.113. Sensitive to noise, prefers quiet environments.114. Dislikes flattery and is tolerant of different opinions and interventions.115. Generally indifferent to music videos, rarely engages with them.116. Skilled at managing problems by delaying or ignoring them.117. Enjoys contemplating natural beauty, deeply attentive to the sounds and life of nature.118. Dislikes initiating breakups or confrontations.119. Views truth-seekers, especially altruists, negatively, questioning the need for universal justice.120. Lacks envy towards others, even those more successful.121. Displays low competitive behavior, avoids rivalry, does not seek a dominant position.