SEE Markers / Socionics

SEE Type Markers

1. Comfortable among people, not shy of contacts or attention.2. Driven by strong, almost primal desires and motivations; always wanting something, impatient to obtain it.3. Excellent at building informal structures like network marketing, motivating and managing them.4. Easily starts relationships without shyness issues.5. Likely displays a need to overtly assert dominance.6. Higher than average sexual drive and libido, behavior dominated by basic instincts.7. Prefers loud parties with dancing over listening to serious music alone or at concerts in youth.8. Quick thinking and rapid decision-making.9. Maintains direct eye contact, likes 'eye play' with an intense gaze.10. Highly developed cognitive empathy for manipulation, easily reads and influences people.11. Habitually inquires about friends' affairs during meetings.12. High attention mobility and ability to swiftly switch focus.13. Typically lacks interest or skill in programming.14. Suited for directing rumors and public opinion.15. Enjoys shopping for new items more frequently than others, given equal financial conditions.16. Extensive network of useful contacts.17. Needs to be the leader or top person in any setting.18. More free, expressive, and energetic in actions than others.19. Likely exhibits audacity, shamelessness, and impudence.20. Excellent long-term visual memory for faces and individual differences.21. Energized rather than drained by noisy groups; adds to the noise and fun.22. Outgoing, enjoys the spotlight, easily establishes new contacts, utilizes connections well.23. Instant verbal response to questions or provocations, tends to interrupt, dominates conversations.24. High persistence and 'breakthrough' ability.25. Prefers many people serving him at home, comfortable with servants.26. Exhibits Machiavellianism; manipulates people as means to self-serving ends.27. Quick muscular response, high reaction speed, agile, unhesitant in initiating movements.28. Struggles with inductive analytical thinking, quickly bored and irritated by such tasks.29. Can non-verbally provoke feelings of guilt in others.30. Expressive in gestures and facial expressions, could be a good mime, dancer, or ballet artist.31. Behaviors often more influenced by ancient animal instincts than by reason.32. Strong leadership abilities, loves to take and keep the initiative.33. Decisive, makes quick, firm decisions.34. Enjoys and is skilled at intriguing and manipulating people.35. Indifferent to solving crossword puzzles or logical problems in newspapers.36. Rarely experiences fears or anticipatory anxieties about physical harms or social gaffes.37. Likely has a military-like posture.38. Dominates relationships, sets the tone in interactions.39. Poor at organizing, categorizing, or systematizing tasks.40. Highly initiative in behavior.41. Often self-admiring, prone to narcissism.42. High potential for leadership in administrative roles.43. Enjoys vocal expressions of excitement during sports events.44. Sensitive to reading emotional cues in others' facial expressions.45. Prone to impulsive aggression and quick to anger.46. Skilled at flattering others as needed.47. Impulsive, reacts quickly and often inaccurately to external stimuli.48. Enjoys physical pleasures like fitness, bodybuilding, massages, saunas.49. Swiftly switches between tasks or actions.50. Tends toward hypomanic states with overflowing energy and confidence, alternating with irritable anger.51. Articulates feelings easily, no difficulty in finding the right words.52. Passionate, attracts and sometimes provokes public disturbances and confrontations.53. Confident, forceful speaking style, enjoys public speaking.54. Characterized by a confident, arrogant demeanor.55. Often brags, embellishing achievements and merits.56. Loves praise and is intolerant of dissent, seeks authoritative positions.57. Tends to exaggerate and show off to attract attention and admiration, fits the populist leader stereotype.58. Less polite and more casual in communication than usual.59. More prone to various psychological dependencies (addictions) like gaming, shopping, substances.60. Enjoys exploiting others.61. Sometimes deceptive, using cunning and duplicity to protect interests.62. Tolerates and even enjoys scandalous atmospheres, may deliberately provoke conflicts.63. Lacks self-criticism, intolerant of any criticism, dismisses it as jealousy or stupidity.64. Exhibits attention-seeking behavior, uses theatricality and news-making to captivate audiences.65. Enjoys noisy gatherings like discos and weddings.66. Not interested in collecting or systematic sorting of items.67. Disinterested in science or scientific work.68. Provokes others in social settings, pushing their buttons.69. Highly competitive, insists on dominance, provokes conflicts.70. Skilled at emotionally manipulating others, likes to control emotions like a conductor.71. Highly excitable, irritable, impatient.72. Capable of convincing insincerity.73. Fashion-conscious, spends significant time and effort on appearance.74. Generally not well-educated, not suited for knowledge-intensive quiz competitions.75. Highly impatient.76. Needs regular interaction with people.77. Dislikes deep, calm blue; not a preferred color.78. Frequently looks at himself in the mirror.79. Unlikely to have ever had stuttering issues.80. Driven to always be the first; being second is unacceptable.81. Quickly assesses the impact of psychological actions on others.82. Rarely has a scientific mindset or serious interest in science.83. Talks about connections and acquaintances to boost his image and brag about significance.84. Highly sociable, finds prolonged solitude unbearable.85. Confident among people, no fear of public embarrassment.86. Limited erudition, no need for knowledge unlikely to be directly useful.87. Naturally talented at dancing, quick to learn dance movements.88. Skilled at deceit to gain advantage or trust.89. Loves compliments, even if insincere.90. Constantly active and sociable, appreciated for organizing skills.91. Unlikely to suffer from jaw muscle spasms.92. Often thinks about food soon after eating, indicating a strong appetite.93. Entertains and uplifts others, a natural at spreading positive vibes.94. Likely has a slightly wider face compared to average.95. Often views others' actions through the lens of envy towards himself.96. Consumerist values predominate.97. Weak at systematizing and analyzing causal relationships, struggles with formal logic.98. Skilled at mimicking others' speech, gestures, and expressions.99. Unafraid of open spaces, unlikely to be agoraphobic.100. Would enjoy working as a salesperson or sales manager, excels in interpersonal relations.101. Unaffected by awkward social situations, unreserved and casual in social interactions.102. Prone to emotional exaggeration, creates drama from trivial matters.103. Constantly has an excess of energy to expend.104. Struggles to see commonalities in different phenomena, weak at abstracting and generalizing.105. Dislikes tranquility, drawn to risk and excitement, not interested in maintaining status quo.106. Impatient, irritated by others' slowness, struggles to wait.107. Quick to end relationships, does not regard others as equals, views them as replaceable.108. Thinks and switches thoughts quickly, not prone to slow or ponderous thinking.109. Prefers jobs involving frequent interaction and service, like bartender or tour guide.110. Views others' actions primarily through the lens of intrigue and ethical manipulation.111. Lacks patience and calm, often desperately needs it.112. Good at sensing people's moods and needs, drawn to those unlike himself.113. Meticulous about personal appearance, chooses clothes carefully.114. More talkative and interactive than most.115. Tends to overexert physically and emotionally, speaks loudly, moves broadly.116. Statistically likely to have increased muscle mass.117. Focuses on quantity over quality in actions, prone to hasty, careless decisions.118. Less likely to be faithful in relationships, prone to inconstancy.119. Emotionally colored desires, easily succumbs to temptations.120. Extremely power-hungry, thrives on having authority over others.121. Switches thoughts and activities effortlessly, without getting stuck.122. Excels at storytelling and persuasive speaking.123. Likely retains high lactose tolerance into adulthood.124. Unlikely to experience swallowing disorders (dysphagia).125. Decisive, self-assured, untroubled by doubts or minor worries, fearless in social settings.126. Lacks a research instinct, uninterested in delving into causes or details, low curiosity.127. Focused on the external aspects of things and people, pays close attention to appearances.128. Often in a state of habitual irritated excitement.129. Does not value impartiality, truth, or honesty highly; sees cunning as a sign of intelligence.130. Predominantly operates on a 'fight or flight' strategy, suited to sudden, intense challenges.131. Rarely has a unfocused gaze, usually intently focused on people or objects.132. Prone to provoking conflicts, competitive, seeks immediate dominance in interactions.133. Casually dismissive of others' opinions and advice, inherently skeptical of external input.