LIE Markers / Socionics

LIE Type Markers

1. Always fascinated by ideas to improve efficiency, often proposes technical innovations, unorthodox methods, and takes business risks willingly.2. Possesses an entrepreneurial talent, thrives in high-pressure environments, is skilled at negotiation, decisive, risk-tolerant, and has a keen sense for market demands and opportunities. Confident in future high earnings even when broke.3. Pays more attention to the efficiency of current actions than others, often making decisions based on immediate utility rather than chance or general principles.4. Strong business acumen focused on profitability, utility, and efficiency.5. Enjoys tackling complex logical-organizational tasks.6. Prioritizes economic efficiency over reducing production defects in responsible roles.7. Values practical utility over perfect beauty and economics over ideology.8. Highly energetic, businesslike, strives for responsible work and career growth, disdaining passive observation.9. Suited for leadership roles in various organizational settings due to strong administrative leadership potential.10. Measures success and almost everything in monetary terms, suitable for a financial or commercial career.11. Prefers managing people through economic methods rather than coercive pressure.12. Skilled and enjoys bargaining in markets.13. Money-focused, often at the expense of other values.14. Likely to exhibit self-centered greed for money or material goods, often disregarding others' rights and interests.15. Thinks more about the future than the past.16. Independent in innovative practices, makes decisions, takes responsibility for mistakes, well-suited to coordinate innovation implementation.17. Prefers managing dynamically evolving processes rather than controlling static states.18. Progressive, focused on the future, including broader human progress.19. Inquisitive mind, respects intellectual values, considers self an intellectual and smarter than others.20. Constantly interested in the future, enjoys and is skilled at forecasting and planning.21. Enjoys and is adept at thinking about the future, making predictions, and planning.22. Considers self highly intelligent, smarter than most.23. Specialist in intellectual issues and complex intellectual tasks.24. Highly capable of forecasting, anticipating, and thinking about the future.25. Likely more erudite and intelligent than average.26. Strongly driven to use time efficiently.27. Instinctively knows when to act efficiently and effectively.28. Proud of never doing anything useless.29. Highly accurate in estimating physical time intervals without a clock.30. Precise and meticulous in time management, excluding punctuality in meetings.31. Internal emotional world is not abundant and rarely draws his attention.32. Weak development of right hemisphere auditory analyzer, reducing sensitivity to music, speech tone, and intonation.33. More attentive to the content of others' speech than its tone or intonation.34. Indifferent to the beauty and life of nature.35. Disinterested and unsuitable for work as a makeup artist or cosmetologist.36. Inattentive to others' faces and poor at reading facial expressions.37. Unsuitable for caregiving roles, focusing on improving others' emotional comfort.38. Low emotional saturation in thoughts and perceptions.39. Weak cognitive empathy, poor at recognizing others' moods from behavior, facial expressions, and voice.40. Poor cognitive empathy for others' negative emotions.41. Weak cognitive empathy for others' positive emotions.42. Usually uninterested in listening to others' opinions, experiences, and feelings.43. Indifferent to animals, dislikes long interaction and care for them.44. Poor at remembering and distinguishing individual voices.45. Very weak at perceiving emotional nuances in others' behavior.46. Automatically ignores minor environmental irritants, focusing only on survival-critical information in crises.47. More skilled at solving identified problems than discovering new ones.48. Perceives the world as a continuous sequence of events rather than a set of isolated frames.49. Values well-structured plots in recreational books.50. Thinks and visualizes in motion, not in static images.51. Likely has large, sweeping handwriting.52. Habitually fast-paced in movements and work activities.53. Impatient, quick, sweeping movements.54. Often jerky, not smooth movements.55. Rapid thinker, quickly finds solutions and makes decisions.56. Likely uses many verbs in speech, being a person of action.57. Often paces when nervous or excited.58. Energetic workaholic, always striving for and engaged in useful activities.59. Highly stress-resistant, performs better under high stress and time pressure.60. Quick thinker, rapidly switches thoughts, not prone to mental viscosity.61. Very high mental productivity, good concentration, quick memory, and clear thoughts.62. Attentive, organized, goal-oriented, not prone to detached contemplation.63. Ambitious, openly aims for career advancement and high status.64. Often has tense muscles even at rest, with possible jaw tension.65. Prefers starting tasks with the most important and complex parts, enjoys large-scale, challenging work.66. Highly disciplined and ready for action, unable to enjoy idleness.67. Likely has impaired motor inhibition, struggles to stop initiated movements quickly.68. Effective in stress, quick thinker, excellent in immediate argumentation.69. More active in practical actions than passive contemplation.70. Proactively tackles problems, seeks and expedites their solutions.71. Enjoys working to exhaustion, derives pleasure from fatigue.72. Strong fight-or-flight strategy, adapted to stress and burst loads.73. Needs movement, displays excessive, unnecessary, chaotic movements.74. Quick thinking and rapid decision-making.75. Always active, sociable, and appreciated for organizing.76. Strong leadership skills, loves seizing initiative, thrives as a group representative.77. Needs noise, communication, movement, not suited for slow, meticulous tasks.78. Enjoys intense, maximum-effort workloads.79. Prone to hypomanic states, alternating high energy and irritability.80. Low sleep requirement, short average daily sleep.81. Excellent at identifying key points and ignoring the secondary.82. Good at presenting material concisely and clearly.83. Confident in success, doesn't consider failure.84. Fast-paced, lively speech with few intonations.85. Unlikely to engage in meditation or breathing practices, disinterested in them.86. Current efficiency is always more important than principles.87. Derives pleasure mainly from achieving the final result rather than the process.88. Constant mental tension and need for result evaluation, not suited for contemplative wandering.89. Logically flexible, quickly finds arguments for any thesis.90. Convincing and steadfast in arguments.91. Quickly evaluates main forces and directions in complex situations.92. Rarely reads books, especially fiction.93. Doesn't like listening to others' opinions, prefers expressing his own.94. Rarely distracted by pleasures from current tasks and plans, easily ignores immediate comforts.95. Highly interested in politics.96. Rarely attentive to bodily sensations and unusual feelings.97. Inattentive to health and well-being.98. Low tactile sensitivity, struggles to distinguish surface features by touch.99. Indifferent to surrounding harmony and personal comfort.100. Rarely recalls past pleasant sensations.101. Indifferent to physical pleasures and relaxation.102. Poorly senses bodily signals, often ignores them.103. Dull taste sensations, weak taste sensitivity.104. Likely overall dulling of taste, smell, and tactile senses.105. Not a gourmet, poor at distinguishing fine flavors and culinary nuances.106. Visual perception starts from the general picture, then moves to details.107. Weak visual observation, often misses details.108. Likely inattentive to colors, struggles to recall colors of familiar objects.109. Weak color vision, poor memory for colors, quick 'color blindness' in low light.110. Poor memory for faces and individual differences.111. Uninterested in stylist or makeup artist work.112. Poor memory for distinct sounds, struggles to differentiate and recall them.113. Left ear dominance in auditory perception is a weak statistical tendency.114. Likely poor at perceiving intonations in others' speech.115. No vivid, detailed mental representation of familiar voices or instrument sounds.116. Often fast and unclear speech, with swallowed word endings.117. Trouble distinguishing a single voice in a noisy crowd.118. No issues with understanding or constructing complex verbal statements.119. Prone to jaw muscle spasms.120. Not characterized by muscle weakness or quick physical fatigue.121. Unperturbed by contradictory information, avoids delving into details if the overall mechanism works.122. Highly self-accountable, takes responsibility for all events personally.123. Often deeply absorbed in work, oblivious to surroundings.124. Sees numerous positive opportunities around.125. Enjoys work as a property appraiser.126. Secures earnings in advance, ensuring stable income before expenses arise.127. Statistically, tends to have elongated lower loops in handwriting.128. Often experiences delayed physical maturation.129. Prone to problems with dry mucous membranes.130. Likely has a narrower face compared to average.