SEE vs SEI Compared by Functions

SEE vs SEI Compared by Functions

show only base and polr in detail


Superstitions and omens. Need for interpretation and prediction of events in uncertain situations. Seeks change and manages time flexibly. Active and critical of time usage.


Waiting for the right moment. Prefers a leisurely pace, not bound by deadlines.


Ability (intuitively) to choose the right direction in a complex situation. Showcases uniqueness and versatility.


Need for novelty and unusual situations. Seeks variety and innovative solutions.


Satisfying sensory needs in excessive doses. Prioritizes personal comfort and well-being.


Finding a middle ground between extremes. Sense of comfort. Values simple pleasures and physical comfort.

Resource Capture

Forceful acquisition of poorly guarded resources. Pressure the weak, ally with the strong, negotiate with equals. Commands and influences effectively. Senses and manipulates power dynamics.


Avoiding others' conflicts, but sharply (inadequately) responding to invasions of their own territory. Stands up for themselves when necessary.


Difficulty existing within strict frameworks of order. Shaking up and breaking down the system. Responds to established order and discipline.

Emergency Order

Adherence to order arising in emergency situations. Becomes efficient when goals are clear and meaningful.


Dispersion of energy, attempting to grab everything at once. Infuses fun into tasks, motivated by interest. Business success affects emotions.


Rapid exhaustion from strenuous work. Works well when efforts are appreciated.

Psychological Distance

Bringing people closer or further apart. Skillfully navigates interpersonal relationships.


Preventing or resolving conflicts between opposing parties. Shows care through actions, not words.


Quick acquaintance using humor and compliments. Mood-driven and lively in tasks.

Mood Intermediary

Creating an emotional atmosphere in their circle. Spreads joy and avoids conflicts.