LSE vs ESI Compared by Functions

LSE vs ESI Compared by Functions

show only base and polr in detail


Inability to calculate their time properly. Values timeliness and preparation.


Delaying deadlines. Activation by time scarcity. Prefers swift resolutions. Reacts quickly in time-sensitive scenarios.


Applying old methods to new tasks. Motivated by achievable goals.

Discomfort with Uncertainty

Inability to act in chaos and uncertainty. Struggles with vague, unsubstantiated, abstract ideas.


Taking care of those who can't care for themselves. Provides comfort and material well-being.


Creating comfort and care in extreme situations. Aesthetics. Actively seeks tasks, values cleanliness and health.

Concentration of Effort

Focusing all efforts on the task at hand. Commanding. Motivates others to work hard.


The more you coerce, the more resistance you face. Manages forceful interactions effectively. Measures and applies appropriate pressure.

Universal Solution

Ensuring plans, schedules, and strategies are made, which they themselves will not follow. Maintains discipline and organization.


Adhering to rules and acting according to prescriptions. Adheres to established norms.


Engaging people with their persistence and mobility. Industrious. Driven and practical, values efficiency.

Being Busy

Need to be busy (need to feel needed). Finds comfort in productive tasks.


Need for justification or condemnation of their actions. Values deep, stable relationships.


Providing effective help to those in need. Discerning. Keenly evaluates interpersonal dynamics. Sharp judge of character and loyal to close ones.


Directly expressing their evaluations. Negativity. Attempts to show warmth, can be intense.


Quelling others' emotions. Problems with expressing their own emotions. Reads and adapts to others' emotions..