LII vs IEI Compared by Functions

LII vs IEI Compared by Functions

show only base and polr in detail


Good time management. Good internal clock. Punctual. Efficiently manages and values time.


Ability to relax and delve into inner imagery, contemplation of beautiful imaginary pictures. Guided by intuitive foresight.


Generation of new ideas in implementing a principle. Enhances theories with new ideas.

Freedom of Choice

Desire to be informed of all novelties and preventing people from making unjustified choices. Seeks meaningful, value-driven, purposeful pursuits.


Managing with what is available. Can manage with absolutely little. Minimalist. Prefers functional comfort and simplicity. Care launches them.


Do what is customary. Aesthetic and adaptable in appearance.


Long-suffering without response. Rapid exhaustion in forceful situations. Inability to lead a rough and aggressive life. Passive. Avoids conflict and values independence.


Sudden contrariness. Avoids conflict, asserts only when necessary.


Building schemes and structures. Systematic. Construct and refine coherent systems. Theories construction.

Emergency Order

Adherence to order arising in emergency situations. Needs clarity and order for motivation.


Monitoring the expenditure of others' resources (including money) while neglecting their own. Making sure everything is accounted for (though things often get lost or remain unused). Carefully evaluate ventures.


Rapid exhaustion from strenuous work. Struggles with financial discipline.


Politeness. Correctness. Adhering to etiquette. Reserved. Struggles with initiating social bonds.


Preventing or resolving conflicts between opposing parties. Nurtures positive interpersonal dynamics.


Need for emotional stimulation. Sudden sociability (when needed). Responds positively to friendly emotions.

Mood Intermediary

Creating an emotional atmosphere in their circle. Promotes positive emotions and humor.