LIE vs SEI Compared by Functions

LIE vs SEI Compared by Functions

show only base and polr in detail


Sudden, unexpected actions. Imposing their tempo of time (usually speeding up). Forward-thinking. Anticipates trends and takes risks.


Waiting for the right moment. Prefers a leisurely pace, not bound by deadlines.


Risky actions in business up to adventurism. Experimental. Thrives on exploring new ideas and paths.


Need for novelty and unusual situations. Seeks variety and innovative solutions.


Special tastes, extremes in diet, health, or appearance. Cannot provide care. Enduring. Can tolerate discomfort and minimalistic conditions.


Finding a middle ground between extremes. Sense of comfort. Values simple pleasures and physical comfort.


Ability to get fired up easily. Susceptible to provocations. Excels in leadership and challenging situations.


Avoiding others' conflicts, but sharply (inadequately) responding to invasions of their own territory. Stands up for themselves when necessary.

Universal Solution

Ensuring plans, schedules, and strategies are made, which they themselves will not follow. Focuses on practical implementation and discipline.

Emergency Order

Adherence to order arising in emergency situations. Becomes efficient when goals are clear and meaningful.


Engaging people with their persistence and mobility. Opportunistic. Identifies and seizes profitable ventures.


Rapid exhaustion from strenuous work. Works well when efforts are appreciated.


Need for justification or condemnation of their actions. Values close, stable relationships.


Preventing or resolving conflicts between opposing parties. Shows care through actions, not words.


Directly expressing their evaluations. Silly humor. Optimistic. Uses humor and positivity to engage others.

Mood Intermediary

Creating an emotional atmosphere in their circle. Spreads joy and avoids conflicts.