ILI vs SLE Compared by Functions

ILI vs SLE Compared by Functions

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Ability to relax and delve into inner imagery, contemplation of beautiful imaginary pictures. Observant. Notices emerging trends and details.


Superstitions and omens. Need for interpretation and prediction of events in uncertain situations. Prefers positive outlooks and quick decisions.

Freedom of Choice

Desire to be informed of all novelties and preventing people from making unjustified choices. Cautious about new ventures.


Ability (intuitively) to choose the right direction in a complex situation. Contemplates and adapts to opportunities.


Do what is customary. Ensures comfort and health proactively.


Satisfying sensory needs in excessive doses. Values physical comfort and status.


Sudden contrariness. Needs encouragement for assertive actions.

Resource Capture

Forceful acquisition of poorly guarded resources. Pressure the weak, ally with the strong, negotiate with equals. Applies force decisively.

Common Sense

Following a reasonable order and common sense. Precise. Methodical and detail-oriented in tasks.


Assigning everyone their function or place in the system. Restructuring. Plans actions logically and pragmatically.


Skillful application of methods that reduce labor or financial costs. Efficient. Seeks optimal and resourceful paths.


Performing only actions that yield benefit or profit. Maximizes utility in ventures.


Habituation. Attachment. Inclusion through good treatment. Adapts behavior to social expectations.


Disregard and disrespect. Contempt for morality and traditions. Dictates and controls relationships.


Exhaustion as a result of engagement in intense emotions. Dislikes overt emotional displays.


Surge of strength in emotional situations. Thrives on competition and emotional release.