ESI vs SEI Compared by Functions

ESI vs SEI Compared by Functions

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Delaying deadlines. Activation by time scarcity. Prefers swift resolutions. Reacts quickly in time-sensitive scenarios.


Waiting for the right moment. Prefers a leisurely pace, not bound by deadlines.

Discomfort with Uncertainty

Inability to act in chaos and uncertainty. Struggles with vague, unsubstantiated, abstract ideas.


Need for novelty and unusual situations. Seeks variety and innovative solutions.


Creating comfort and care in extreme situations. Aesthetics. Actively seeks tasks, values cleanliness and health.


Finding a middle ground between extremes. Sense of comfort. Values simple pleasures and physical comfort.


The more you coerce, the more resistance you face. Manages forceful interactions effectively. Measures and applies appropriate pressure.


Avoiding others' conflicts, but sharply (inadequately) responding to invasions of their own territory. Stands up for themselves when necessary.


Adhering to rules and acting according to prescriptions. Adheres to established norms.

Emergency Order

Adherence to order arising in emergency situations. Becomes efficient when goals are clear and meaningful.

Being Busy

Need to be busy (need to feel needed). Finds comfort in productive tasks.


Rapid exhaustion from strenuous work. Works well when efforts are appreciated.


Providing effective help to those in need. Discerning. Keenly evaluates interpersonal dynamics. Sharp judge of character and loyal to close ones.


Preventing or resolving conflicts between opposing parties. Shows care through actions, not words.


Quelling others' emotions. Problems with expressing their own emotions. Reads and adapts to others' emotions..

Mood Intermediary

Creating an emotional atmosphere in their circle. Spreads joy and avoids conflicts.