ESE vs IEI Compared by Functions

ESE vs IEI Compared by Functions

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Inability to calculate their time properly. Struggles with time management and waiting.


Ability to relax and delve into inner imagery, contemplation of beautiful imaginary pictures. Guided by intuitive foresight.


Applying old methods to new tasks. Encourages new ideas and initiatives.

Freedom of Choice

Desire to be informed of all novelties and preventing people from making unjustified choices. Seeks meaningful, value-driven, purposeful pursuits.


Taking care of those who can't care for themselves. Nurturing. Attentive to others' practical and comfort needs.


Do what is customary. Aesthetic and adaptable in appearance.

Concentration of Effort

Focusing all efforts on the task at hand. Firm in defending interests and pushing activities.


Sudden contrariness. Avoids conflict, asserts only when necessary.


Need for analysis and explanation of events (doubts and hesitations, unsure of right or wrong). Needs clear systems and structures.

Emergency Order

Adherence to order arising in emergency situations. Needs clarity and order for motivation.


Excessive expenditure of energy (can be done more calmly). Active and engaged in practical matters.


Rapid exhaustion from strenuous work. Struggles with financial discipline.


Judging others' actions from a moral standpoint. Inability to maintain psychological distance. Demands respectful and ethical behavior.


Preventing or resolving conflicts between opposing parties. Nurtures positive interpersonal dynamics.

Emotional Pressing

Expressing emotions about people and events. Strong emotional influence on others.

Mood Intermediary

Creating an emotional atmosphere in their circle. Promotes positive emotions and humor.