EII vs EIE Compared by Functions

EII vs EIE Compared by Functions

show only base and polr in detail


Good time management (in extreme situations). Good internal clock. Steady. Works calmly and punctually.


Sudden, unexpected actions. Imposing their tempo of time (usually speeding up). Anticipate future events and prepares accordingly.


Generation of new ideas in implementing a principle. Develops potential in others.


Risky actions among people up to adventurism. Displays unexpected abilities and seeks praise. Talented. Displays unexpected abilities and seeks praise.


Managing with what is available. Can manage with absolutely little. Cares for well-being and comfort. Care launches them.


Special tastes, extremes in diet, health, or appearance. Cannot provide care. Highly aware of physical sensations and discomforts.


Long-suffering without response. Rapid exhaustion in forceful situations. Inability to lead a rough and aggressive life. Struggles with aggression and conflict.


Ability to get fired up easily. Susceptible to provocations. Reacts strongly against force and aggression.


Adhering to rules and acting according to prescriptions. Conscientious. Detailed and disciplined.


Need for analysis and explanation of events (doubts and hesitations, unsure of right or wrong). Need order and consistency for well-being.

Being Busy

Need to be busy (need to feel needed). Engages actively in work.


Excessive expenditure of energy (can be done more calmly). Performs tasks meticulously but finds it exhausting.


Providing effective help to those in need. Understands and values honest relationships.


Judging others' actions from a moral standpoint. Inability to maintain psychological distance. Seek reassurance in relationships and is sensitive to betrayal.


Quelling others' emotions. Problems with expressing their own emotions. Senses and manages emotional tension.

Emotional Pressing

Expressing emotions about people and events. Deeply feel and express emotions. Empathetic - Deeply feels and expresses emotions.