EIE vs ILE Compared by Functions

EIE vs ILE Compared by Functions

show only base and polr in detail


Sudden, unexpected actions. Imposing their tempo of time (usually speeding up). Anticipate future events and prepares accordingly.


Desire to freely manage their own time and limit others'. Important that others do not delay. Inconsistent. Manages time irregularly and unpredictably.


Risky actions among people up to adventurism. Displays unexpected abilities and seeks praise. Talented. Displays unexpected abilities and seeks praise.


Seeking novelties in any areas. Interested in the scientific sphere. Sees and explores potential in new ideas.


Special tastes, extremes in diet, health, or appearance. Cannot provide care. Highly aware of physical sensations and discomforts.


Need to try everything (clothes, food, etc.). Need for diverse sensations. Often neglects physical order and health.


Ability to get fired up easily. Susceptible to provocations. Reacts strongly against force and aggression.


Ability to escape deadlock situations with minimal losses. Resist pressure. Can become bold. Defends ideas energetically.


Need for analysis and explanation of events (doubts and hesitations, unsure of right or wrong). Need order and consistency for well-being.


Assigning everyone their function or place in the system. Classification. Explains complex phenomena systematically.


Excessive expenditure of energy (can be done more calmly). Performs tasks meticulously but finds it exhausting.


Performing only actions that yield benefit or profit (more so for SLE). Ability to delegate unwanted tasks (more so for ILE). Manages multiple processes simultaneously.


Judging others' actions from a moral standpoint. Inability to maintain psychological distance. Seek reassurance in relationships and is sensitive to betrayal.


Disregard and disrespect. Contempt for morality and traditions. Informal. Prefers casual, democratic relationships.

Emotional Pressing

Expressing emotions about people and events. Deeply feel and express emotions. Empathetic - Deeply feels and expresses emotions.


Surge of strength in emotional situations. Enjoys lively emotional interactions.