Socionics. General level of development

Development Level

Energy or volume of informational metabolism

Intelligence + Vitality

Intelligence level

Allows to fit into the society of people and interact with them

Intellect level + Culture level

Intellect level

Development of logic

Organized knowledge system

Order in deeds and thoughts

Ability to express your thoughts



Ability to structure

Ability to take place in a hierarchy

Ability to prioritize

Ability to work

Work efficiency


Clarity of goals


Ability to achieve goals

Ability to choose the right methods

Culture level

Development of ethics

Concept of good and evil


Ability to get along with people

Ability to present yourself

Ability to cheer up

Eagerness for emotional contact

Ability to empathize

Ability to deal with negativity

The ability to love and be friends

Humanity, decency

Duty, honor, conscience

The ability to control emotions

Ability for personal autonomy

Attitude towards spirituality

Faith, religion

Vitality level

Allows to interact with the world, securely arrange life

Life experience + Life force

Life experience

Development of intuition

Ability to learn from past experience

Ability to share experience

Ability to raise students

Disclosure of talents

Ability to foresee

Understanding the consequences

Ability to make a choice

Ability to make plans

Realization of abilities

Attitude towards old and young

Relation to tradition

Search ability

Ability to uncover secrets

Flexibility of thinking

Orientation in emergency situations

Life force

Development of sensory

Physical condition, health



Ability to take a hit



Sense of owner

Perseverance in achieving the goal

Ability to rule, lead

Ability to make good money

Comfort at home and at work

Feeling the fullness of life

Well-groomed appearance

Quality clothing and food

Ability to recuperate and rest